Accidents happen and when it comes to fire, you should be prepared to deal with them the best way possible. Having a fire extinguisher at home is a basic way of protecting yourself in case of fire, as they can easily be used to stop small fires from spreading. Many people question where to buy fire extinguishers or which one to choose and for those this article is for them.


First of all, a home fire extinguisher should be able to be used against the common causes for fire: a cloth starting to burn or an accident with a pan. While some people’s first reaction is to pour water on the fire, this is often the worst possible thing you can do, as in most cases it’ll increase the height and power of the flames. The reason is that the water works as fuel as it provides the flames with the oxygen they need, creating a new flow of air to the flames without putting them out. For this, one thing is recommended: buy a fire extinguisher.


When thinking about a home use, you should choose a model that uses a dry chemical that is capable of handling all types of fire. While some models are only suitable for a subset of fires (which can be useful in particular situations such as when dealing with certain chemicals in labs), a multi-purpose model is more suitable to a house. Preferably you’ll want one that can deal with wood, paper, liquids and even electrical equipment.


Fire extinguishers have a limited life-span and need to be maintained regularly to ensure that they meet the requirements and are able to deal with an emergency scenario. Instead of simply purchasing a new model, a better option would be to choose a model that can be recharged and, if necessary, with a wall hanger. While they don’t look particularly good in a wall, having it locked somewhere hidden in the house can be as dangerous as not having one at all. It needs to have an easy access and even if it’s behind a cabinet, using a wall attachment is usually a good way of making it easy to reach. If you’re wondering about size, 4 lb are more than enough for any home emergency.


The outside material of the fire extinguisher should be resistant to shock and environmental hazards. An easy way to ensure this is to choose a model that meets the requirements that were set by the Underwriters Laboratories, which are basically an independent lab that tests safety products are makes sure that they meet all the requirements.


If you’re looking for a fire extinguisher for sale that meets all these requirements, the Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher does it all and is available at Amazon, meaning you’ll be able to get it delivered to your doorstep ready to use. If you still think that a fire extinguisher may not be needed in a home, take a look at the number of reviews that show how it saved them from a very serious situation.