It was not long ago that no-one knew anything about Chromebook, but they certainly made a splash and have increased the number of sold laptops every month since. A Chromebook is different when compared to other laptops: it uses Google’s Chrome OS, which uses the Cloud as a hard drive. Google automatically gives you 100 GB of cloud storage for all your data.


The main advantage of the Chromebook is how fast it boots up (about 7 seconds!). After turning it on, you’ll be greeted to the Google Chrome browser and then it’s a matter of adding other web apps that will give you access to your email, photos and other documents. What about if you don’t get internet connection? Fortunately, in the case that this happens, you’ll still be able to do some simple tasks such as checking the calendar, write e-mails (which will be sent as soon as you get your connection back), create and edit documents, take notes and listen to music. Yes, while most of the data is stored in the cloud, the Chromebook still comes with a small hard drive you can use.


To find which Chromebook is best for students (as students are the primary focus of the device), the main aspects to look for in the laptop need to be well defined. The main focus is the RAM. While most devices come with a 2GB RAM, which is good enough for most tasks, making the jump to 4GB will certainly improve the performance. Another aspect is the Storage. Since the Chromebook uses SSD drives (which are blazing fast!), they are also more expensive, which is why making the jump from the standard 16GB to 32GB may represent a significant increase in the price. Since gaming is not a concern, there aren’t many differences in the processor of the devices, so don’t make that your number one decision factor. The battery life is something that really impresses: most devices will easily last an entire day’s worth of use. It should be noted, however, that the Chromebook is not suitable to those who require some extra power in their hands and deal with software such as Photoshop or Maya.


Our Chromebook 11 review focuses on a device that brings the best that a Chromebook can offer, all with a price under $200, the ASUS Chromebook C201 review. This is a small, compact, 11.6 inch laptop, with HD resolution (rare in Chromebooks) that will last up to 13 hours in a single charge. It comes equipped with a powerful quad-core processor unit at 1.8GHz and 4GB of RAM. One very nice feature for those who take the laptop everywhere is the addition of the Trusted Platform Module, which will keep your sensitive information protected. As for the Hard Drive, the device comes with 16GB SSD but the SD card will let you add storage space for your music and video files very cheaply (32GB cost less than $15).


All in all, we consider this the best Chromebook to get, and a model that will certainly not disappoint you.